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The Charter for the Freedom of Expression is comprised of eleven PRINCIPLES, which seek to protect and promote a culture of open debate.

Signatories commit to recognize and act according to the ideals laid down in its terms and apply them to their own environment and network.

By signing the Charter, you are joining us in making the right to freedom of expression a visible and significant societal consensus. The Charter should also support all those worldwide whose freedom of expression is restricted or suppressed. Those who are persecuted for utilizing their right to freedom of expression should be able to rely on this Charter and invoke its principles.


1. Freedom of expression is a universal human right and as such is non-negotiable. Every person has the right to claim their freedom of expression.

2. Freedom of expression includes the right to information, freedom of the press and freedom to publish and report.

3. Freedom of expression is the basic prerequisite for a free, diverse and democratic society. The opinions of all citizens contribute to the opinion-forming process in a society and thus ensure the sovereignty of the people in a democracy.

4. Freedom of expression obliges us to treat each other with respect, to listen to each other, to permit each other to respond, to reflect and to consider each other’s arguments.

5. Harassment and hate speech are not protected by freedom of expression. On the contrary, they violate its core principles. Freedom of expression ends when a person’s dignity is infringed.

6. Freedom of expression does not mean freedom from criticism. Criticism signals the beginning of a meaningful debate and thus forms an important part of the opinion-forming process.

7. Freedom of expression requires a culture of debate for which both the state and civil society bear a responsibility.

8. Any restriction to freedom of expression by state intervention is an infallible sign of a departure from a free, diverse and democratic society. It calls on society to resist and to demonstrate solidarity.

9. Democratic states bear a particular responsibility through their foreign and economic policies to ensure that restrictions to the right to freedom of expression are not tolerated.

10. The use of violence against dissidents through physical and psychological intimidation, threats and financial pressure is unacceptable.

11. Civil society has the obligation to stand up for freedom of expression, to expose all restrictions on freedom of expression and to effectively counteract them.

A.Fechner, BAAM Berlin Alliance Art and Medicine

A. Hensen

Aaron, Ticketsprinter GmbH

Achim Baum

Achim Beck

Achim Wagner, Gaiabalance - Agentur für ganzheitliches Marketing


Agatha Truniger, der LiLA Laden

Albert Dezes

Albert Duin, FDP-Landtagsabgeordneter

Alberto Gaffi, ITALO SVEVO Edizioni - Trieste

Albert Schmieder

Albrecht Christian

Albrecht Kauschat, Landsmannschaft Schlesien, Nieder- und Oberschlesien, Landesgruppe Hessen e.V.

Alessio Viaggio, Anna-Pröll-Mittelschule

Alexander Alisch

Alexander Couppis

Alexander Elspas, Büchergilde Gutenberg

Alexander Johr

Alexander Kempf

Alexander Kiensch, Philipp Reclam jun. Verlag GmbH

Alexander Kleine

Alexander Pfeiffer, Schriftsteller

Alexander Schwantner

Alexander Schäfer

Alexander Skipis, Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels

Alexander Sorge

Alexandra Bühler

Alexandra de Luise

Alexandra Eickholt

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